Friday, September 18, 2009

Norfolk Pays Homage... Finally!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Garden Tempest

Tucked away in a garden overlooking the Cape Henry bike trail this simple yet elegant lady enjoys a peaceful existence in a cute neighborhood near the beach.

We caught her on May 07, 2009

Picasso's Beauty

This mysterious maiden is tucked away near the FBI building at Virginia Eye Associates. She is really spectacular- a favorite of the day!

We caught her on May 07, 2009

Mer Majesty

Her highness is a rare concrete mermaid but she carries her weight well. Her tail is inset with a tile mosaic and she dons several types of sea shells. She is also the only mermaid in Sandbridge surrounded by more than a dozen Promise Dolphins.

We caught her on May 07, 2009

Mer Max II

This cutie was commissioned by Max & Erma's near Towne Center and proudly hangs in the dining room wearing the company uniform and several adorable cartoons.

We caught her on May 07, 2009

Norfolk, Gateway to the Sea

Just back from a makeover, Norfolk was not even back on her stand yet when we went to see her at Bell Auto Sales. That didn't keep her friendly caretakers from showing her off for us though.

We caught her on May 07, 2009


The students of Northside Middle School did the decorating of this colorful maiden as a recycling project. Her mosaic is made from bottle caps.

We caught her on May 09, 2009

Helping Hands Mosaic

Inlaid into the intricately placed mirror mosaic of this sparkling lady are small wooden hands. Appropriate to her home at the Hilltop Medical Center.

We caught her on May 07, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

She Sells Sea Shells

One of the many very friendly folks with Blue Heron Realty welcomed me to view her standing in the back office. I envy the lucky one who gets to sit at the desk under the reach of this shell and mirror infused lavender lass.

We caught her on May 02, 2009

Mirror Mosaic II

This "lazy" lady has suffered damage from a broken stand. In spite of the large crack on her torso, she is still majestic enough to impress. She is awaiting repair and I will update my information once she is again in public.

We caught her on May 02, 2009

Celebrating the Arts

The Palace Theater is home to this currently (and temporarily) downtrodden mermaid. She is slated to get a much needed makeover in the very near future. Even though she is severely weather worn, it is easy to appreciate how spectacular she once was.

We caught her on May 02, 2009.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Timeless Elegance

This stately beauty stands in the 1800 block of Oceanview Ave. Her deep bronze complexion has high lights in a pale turquoise to accentuate her features.

We caught her on May 01, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009


Chris Alexander outdid herself... again! This cutie is in the front window of the Kingston School. Her top is a beautifully painted horizon... her tail, decorated by the children who attend there.

We caught her on May 01, 2009


This technicolor fresco mermaid stands at the heart of the very appropriate Prism Plaza near Mount Trashmore. This vibrant vixen's digs include an indoor garden and glass ceiling.

We caught her on May 01, 2009

Fresh From the Sea

Decorated with an impressive array of grocery list items, this brilliant mermaid welcomes all who enter the business offices of Farm Fresh in Chimney Hill Shopping Center.

We caught her on May 01, 2009

Hope (nee: Spirit)

This beautiful girl finally found a safe place to live out the rest of her days at Lake Taylor Hospital after she was horribly mistreated by hateful vandals. Painstakingly mended by Chris Alexander, her scars are barely noticeable.

We caught her on May 01, 2009.

Sukey's Mermaid

Norfolk Academy plays host to this lovely lady. Formerly in front of the school's book store, she now has a wonderful vantage point of the Lower School's atrium. Her scales were inscribed by the students of the school with their initials and their graduation date and then lovingly applied by artist Georgia Mason.

We caught her on May 01, 2009


Super secret squirrel tactics are needed to catch this glistening maid. She can only be viewed if you drive to 1 Fish, 2 Fish restaurant in Virginia Beach, look out over the water of Long Creek and sneak a peek at her hiding among the jet skis and fishing boats like ET blended in with the toys inElliot's closet. *bring a camera with a better zoom resolution than mine- she's about 200 ft away ;) *
The bottom photo is from the Norfolk website just to give you an idea of what she looks like close up.

We caught her on May 01, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reflections of the Soul

Only viewable from the Larchmont Bridge on Hampton Blvd. this lovely lady seems to rise from a bush in the yard of her owner.
The 2nd photo is from the Norfolk website just to give you an idea of what she looks like close up.

We caught her on April 30, 2009

Silver Mermaid

This unfortunate lady was badly damaged by vandals who removed her from her post at William E. Wood Realty and threw her into the traffic on Hampton Blvd. She privately awaits repair and redesign by artist Chris Alexander. At her unveiling she will be dedicated in loving memory of deeply missed co-worker Debbie Myers.

We caught her on April 30, 2009